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Posted 8/25/17
Distinguishing Dickeson's Dollars:
1876 Dickeson Continental Currency Dollar Imposters

Posted 3/09/17
Ancient Roman Over-strike:
Herennia Etruscilla Antoninianus
Over Gordian III Denarius
Highlights Pragmatism During
Economic Collapse

Posted 10/26/16
Goree Taken, 1758:

An obscure British Victory that Changed the Course of History

Posted 2/29/16

A Rough Reflection:

Die State Progression of the

 1947-S/S RPM FS-501

Washington Quarter

Posted 2/29/16

"Jekyll & Hyde:"

The Prooflikes of 1934-1955

 Posted 1/21/16

The DDRs of 1970-D