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from DM Rare Coins

You need a photographic record of your collection!

Our customers have complimented our true-to-life images, and our high-quality close-ups have been used, in several publications.

With our Coin Photography Service, you can obtain the same high-quality pictures, for your coins, that we've been using for years!

Keep a photographic record of your collection for insurance purposes.

Store your coins in bank vaults and still see them when you want.

Dealers need images for websites, insurance, and convenience.

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From $8.00!

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Our coin photography philosophy is simple:

capture a realistic portrait of each coin.

  • We will not juice images to distort or display colors that aren't there. Ugly coins will still look ugly; images are only as nice as the coin being shot!
  • By popular demand, we now format our images onto a white background; this allows full appreciation of the coin's features.
  • Images are delivered via email, from our Submission Center. Default resolution is 800x800 pixels, but you may request anywhere from 300x300 to 1200x1200!
  • We throw in shots of both the front and back of each slab, free of charge, with all orders containing certified coins. Slab shots can be inconsistent due to glare issues.

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