Coin Photography Services

You need a photographic record of your collection!

Keep a photographic record

of your collection for insurance purposes.

Store your coins in bank vaults

and still see them whenever you want.

Dealers need images

for websites, insurance, and convenience.

See how it works! Pricing from $8.00 per coin...

Print forms and submit, or download YOUR images....

Our coin photography philosophy

is simple:

capture a realistic portrait of each coin.

  • Our customers have complimented our true-to-life images, and our high-quality close-ups have been used in several publications. With our Coin Photography Service, you can obtain the same high-quality pictures, for your coins, that we've been using on ours for years.
  • We will not juice images to display colors that aren't there. Ugly coins will still look ugly; images are only as nice as the coin being shot!
  • By popular demand, we now circular-crop our images onto a white background; this allows full appreciation of the coin's features through color balance.

DM Rare Coins

Coin Photography Gallery

Click on this thumbnail gallery to view some of the photographs we've taken. Enjoy!