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Numismatic Research Center

Professional numismatists strive to share the knowledge they have gained through numismatic research and the study and analysis of rare coins. Our goal, with the creation of this research center, is to provide a platform from which we can educate coin collectors about those nuances, within the rare coin field, that we encounter through our daily activities. Coin dealers are in a unique position to glean information from the large numbers of coins they examine. We want to share our findings with you!


The BLOG contains new information, announcements, updates, coupons, short articles not suitable for our Research Articles section, and an educational Coin of the Month, to illustrate THE most memorable finds TO CROSS OUR DESK.

Explore intriguing numismatic subjects, like Die Variety Analysis and the origins of medals, Prooflikes, and various other numismatic anomalies.

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General Knowledge in Numismatics

In this section, we will be discussing numismatic terminology, coin grading, and general historical information in both list and article form.