Coin Photography

Procedures & Prices

Our Easy & Secure process

Print submission form.

Select your service tier & photo size.

Choose add-on services (optional).

Calculate return shipping using the chart provided.

Enclose Check or request a Paypal invoice. Payment in full due at time of submission.

Pack your coins securely and send via Registered Mail.

They will be stored in bank vaults when received.

Email notification will be delivered upon completion.

Complete checkout to receive download links via email.

Coins will be shipped back via Registered Mail, on packages over $1000 (or Express Mail, if account and insurance info is provided).

Service Tiers & Fees

Regular Service

Just $8.00 Per Coin!

  • Standard Obverse & Reverse Photographs
  • Estimated Turnaround is 10 Business Days**
  • Choose image sizes between 300x300 and 1200x1200

Express Service

$13.50 Per Coin

  • Standard Obverse & Reverse Photographs
  • Rush Turnaround time, Typically 48 hours**
  • Choose image sizes between 300x300 and 1200x1200
  • Please email first to confirm availability

Add-On Services*

Close-up Images

Add $4.00 PER COIN

Request up to 5 close-up images of each coin for one flat fee.

  • Show off your die varieties
  • Display your FB, FBL, FH, or other designations
  • Highlight attractive toning, a sharply struck portrait, or something else!

Slab Shots

Add $2.00 PER COIN

Receive slab photos of both obverse and reverse.

  • Slab shots are typically sized at about 600x900
  • While we always try to make nice images, variances in slab materials, size, and condition make slab shots somewhat inconsistent.

Calculating Return Shipping

Please use our chart to calculate your estimated return shipping fees.

Packages over $1,000, or with more than 3 coins, are charged standard USPS Registered Mail rates. The maximum value per box is $50,000. Maximum number of coins per box is 50.

Our submission forms also include the option to use your Express Mail Corporate Account number, and private insurance. There is a $3.00 per box handling fee to ship via this method.

ReturnShipping Chart

1-3 Coins          Insured Value under $1,000          $10.50

1-20 Coins       Insured Value $1,000-$2,500        $16.50

1-20 Coins       Insured Value  $2501-$15,000       $21.50

21-50 Coins     Insured Value under $15,000         $29.50

1-50 Coins       Insured Value $15,000-$50,000        Standard USPS Registered & Insurance rates apply.

*"Add-Ons" may be combined with any tier above, but are not available individually. ** Turnaround times are in business days; we make every effort to fulfill them, but they are not guaranteed. Shipping time not included in turnaround time.