Frequently Asked Questions

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These are listed in order of frequency.

What do you charge for shipping on coin orders; I don’t see a price for shipping?

There is no charge for shipping! Standard shipping and handling on coin orders is always FREE, regardless of your order size or total. We do offer an upgrade to Express Mail for $23.00 if you need the package overnight-ed.

Your item page says this coin is a die variety, but the holder does not say so! Are you trying to swindle me?

We are variety specialist; all die varieties that we list are unconditionally guaranteed to be accurately attributed. The grading services do not list die varieties automatically, nor do they list all die varieties. Variety attribution is very expensive, and only ANACS is willing to list all know varieties. We always provide close-ups of diagnostics, and most unlisted varieties will be accompanied by a certificate from a CONECA attribution expert.

You offer many CAC-verified coins, but you also have coins that are not CAC stickered. Are these coins CAC rejects?

Not usually. We try to send all eligible coin types to CAC for verification. However, with coins coming in from so many different sources, we can only build a CAC submission about once every six weeks. In the meantime, all available coins will be listed for sale, and we frequently list fresh groups of coins that have never been to CAC. Also, there are many coin types that CAC will not consider, and we recommend reviewing their list here. Finally, our pricing reflects the quality of our coins, in the first place, so those that do not sticker are already priced accordingly.

What determines which coins you send to NGC, and which you send to PCGS?

For one thing, PCGS and NGC each have a different list of varieties that they are willing to recognize. Also, coins with special qualities, such as Prooflike coins and STAR coins, are only recognized by NGC (PCGS only uses PL for Morgans and a few modern collector issues, and the STAR is proprietary to NGC). NGC also offers a scratch-resistant slab, which is great for Proofs. Beyond that, certain more common coins are more liquid in PCGS holders due to perception that PCGS is somehow "THE BEST" grading service. This is actually just great marketing, in our opinion. And on Ancients and World coins, NGC is the undisputed leader.

Why is this item page taking so long to load on my smartphone?

While we have taken great steps to streamline the display and flow of our website on smartphones, as well as computers, the images on our item pages are high-resolution, typically 1000x1000, and are intended to be thoughtfully examined. These are some of the most detailed coin dealer images online because we want you to see what you are buying!If you like our high-resolution images, please check out our Coin Photography Service.