Bugs Bunny Die Clashes 1960-1963

1960 FVI Bugs Bunny B-1

long hook

1960 FVI Bugs Bunny B-2

short spiked lip

1960 FVI Bugs Bunny D-1

a few floaters

1960 FVI Bugs Bunny D-2

faint floater, reverse die crack bell lines (examine die states)

1961 FVI Bugs Bunny A-1

early extreme clash

1961 FVI Bugs Bunny A-1a

nose spike & Nose outline gone

1961 FVI Bugs Bunny D-1

1961 FVI Bugs Bunny D-2

1962 FVI Bugs Bunny A-1


1962 FVI Bugs Bunny B-1

hockey stick L

1962 FVI Bugs Bunny D-1

The early stage of this clash is found highly glossy and semi-PL.

1962 FVI Bugs Bunny D-2

Thick matte satin luster in the early stage of this clash.

1962-D FVI Bugs Bunny D-1

Short, chip-like line at base of nose.

1962-D FVI Bugs Bunny A-1          This occurs onFVI DDO-001

This variety should exist. The Mint removed a large portion of the upper lip to hide die clashing, while leaving heavy clashing elsewhere (see the "a" stage below). It must have been a strong mouth clash.Help us find one!

1962-D FVI Bugs Bunny A-1a          This occurs on FVI DDO-001

Technically no longer a Bugs Bunny because much of the mouth has been polished away to hide the clashing. Still shows a nice goiter clash and the doubling remains strong. An important study die stage for the specialist.

1963 FVI Bugs Bunny A-1

Two sharp spikes on the lip and inside mouth. A series of strange, stitch-like die lines above left shoulder of bell on all examples seen.

1963 FVI Bugs Bunny A-1a

The mouth clash is significantly diminished and only faintly visible or not at all. The series of reverse die lines are still strong, or we would not have listed this die state.

1963 FVI Bugs Bunny B-1


1963 FVI Bugs Bunny B-2

Hockey stick (my toner)

1963 FVI Bugs Bunny B-3

maybe D

45 degree single line

1963 FVI Bugs Bunny B-4

short line on lip, bulge under nose

1963-D FVI Bugs Bunny B-1

hockey stick?