DM Rare Coins Photo Gallery

This thumbnail gallery features some of the photographs we've taken. These shots are in our default resolution of 800 x 800 pixels. You may request any resolution between 300 x 300 pixels and 1200 x 1200 pixels.

Rainbow Toned Coins

 Richly Toned & Original Coins

Brilliant & White Coins

  • Note that we leave the coins within the context of their surrounding holders. With minimal editing by us, you are free to format your new images to suit your specific needs...or leave them just the way they are!
  • Dealers, in particular, will find our services convenient and economical, and our default 800x800 pixel resolution is way above the average used by online dealers today.
  • We will photograph raw and slabbed coins, and have had good success capturing both.

Close-up Images

And for a small, additional fee, we will take up to 3 close-up shots of each coin; the perfect service for Cherrypicker's Guide and die variety specialists! Here are some examples: